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Reactions to Trumps attempted Assassination.

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I really have been avoiding the news the last few months, and as such it wasn't until late Saturday that I had heard about Trump getting shot at (or technically shot). I initially found it interesting that it happened in Butler, PA which is a town I have visited before. I watched the video and found it to be quite bewildering. One thing I did notice was there were a lot of female agents who were fumbling around (we have a lot of female officers where I work, and it seems most of them tend to always need the backup of a male officer to be effective). I also thought it was wild that Trump was able to break through his human shield while it seemed like shots were still ringing out, and gave a defiant fist. It was a strong show of power and leadership for sure, but the first thing I could think of was that this act will be used by the Left to suggest that Trump incited people to fight and take arms, if anything retalitory ever happened.

Having a large family here to entertain and take care of, I really didn't have time or energy to really look into things for myself, but I figured there had to be something strange with this. Security is supposed to be super tight around presidential type people. So I made sure to listen to the noagendashow. As I expected it was informative. As many reading have already seen, indeed there were a number of curious aspects to this. From the supposed shooter being involved in 'Blackrock' commercials (so he already had acting experience) and wearing DemolitionRanch shirts, a popular Right wing (tho not super political) YouTuber. The shooter himself was also a registered Republican. Not to mention the Police and Security's lack of response to the guests who were pointing out the shooter scurrying along the roof, including videos of these people doing so. Supposedly one officer did climb the roof but backs off when the shooter pointed the rifle at him. And what about the case of the Sniper who had the shooter in his sights three minutes prior, and was told not to shoot by the Secret Service. But then when the shooter did open fire, he shot against orders, killing the shooter, and supposedly got terminated and arrested by the FBI for questioning.

I also found it interesting that Biden, on the Friday before hand, had come out and said that Trump was a threat to the nation. Had the roles been reversed, they would of had Trump up on charges for saying that just before an attempted assassination of his rival.

In any case, I initially thought that this could go very well for Trump or it might not matter at all. I still believe the latter is true. I believe that the deep state is so deeply entrenched, and so much in control, that they will get their desired result. The Democrats control the voting 'machine' and so it isn't tough for them to pull off a win. But I think this year they were getting scared that they might not be able to pull it off a second time.

Another thought I had was that maybe the shooting event was planned and staged by the Republicans and it was intended to be just an attempt, and a non lethal shot was part of the plan, which is why agents were told not to open fire on the shooter. Perhaps he was supposed to live? Perhaps he actually is still alive? Who knows. It is so hard to really know what is truly going on behidn the scenes these days. Hollywood and the Media are so intertwined.

Who knows... I am thankful Trump is alright. I really don't see him as a 'politician'. He is just has the average Alpha male dude personality which I think is why a lot of working families tend to like him.

In Retrospect, many people in my life have been saying for a while now, that the country is in danger. I agree. Problem is they seem to think there is going to be an uprising against the Left. My thought is that it is highly unlikely that the American people will form up to stand up against a corrupt government. Most people are so busy just trying to get by, or so stoned, or so lost in their electronic games or social media, that they won't go out of their way to stand up to anything. Small groups here or there will never be successful either. To be successful it would have to be a national, co-ordinated action with some semblence of a command structure and plan in place. For example, maybe focusing an overthrow of the court system, the local government, and the state level government. Sadly we can't rely too much on our military to step in to protect the country for us, as most of the top brass has been culled by Obama to remove more Right leaning Generals. This means that it is more likely that in such a situation the armed forces would be split up into localized allegiance forces, and we would have a civil war on our hands. A civil war with the most advanced force in the world.

But like I mentioned, this is highly unlikely to happen. Most people are too caught up in their own lives that they are too entitled to think about doing what is best for their country and for preserving what it stood for. Now for sure, I am sure some might say 'But Roadwolf, you were a Canadian! What do you know about being an American!'. A valid reply. But for those who don't know me, I will just mention that those that do know me have commented that I am more American than most Americans. Meh.... I have lived in Canada. I wouldn't want to go back. I don't really care for the socialist and Left leaning society that is promoted up there. I feel that the self esteem movement, and catering to minority groups is not a good path to follow. People need to learn to earn what they get, which makes them respect what they have more. Giving people handicapts to jump ahead won't help anyone, including those you are attempting to help.

Honestly, if it was easy to do, right now I think I would choose to live in Russia, as I feel that its now Right leaning, and Republic style social system more so aligns with what America stood for than where American stands right now. It is interesting to me how since the Soviet era, Russia has become more right leaning and conservative, while the USA has become more Left leaning and Socialist. Acting like the same Commies that we hated during the Cold War. And when it all comes down to it, those Commies of the Soviet Union did end up winning World War II for us. Without them we would have seen Germany reign. Tho some would point out that German is reigning now in Europe, as it pulls the strings on the EU. Read more

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